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Darklup – The Most Advanced And Uprising WP Dark Mode Plugin

Project Description

Introducing a WordPress plugin for enabling dark mode functionality on any website. Darklup has all the necessary and advanced features to generate stunning dark-mode color schemes for any website.

Previously, the plugin offered a straightforward approach by converting background colors to black and text colors to white. However, almost all modern websites use multiple colors, so this simplistic method often compromised the aesthetic appeal of beautifully designed pages in dark mode.

To overcome this challenge, I developed sophisticated algorithms using Vanilla JavaScript to effectively identify primary, secondary, and tertiary background colors present on any website. By assigning distinct dark mode colors to each category, we ensure that the website maintains its visual integrity while embracing the dark mode experience. Moreover, our plugin offers a selection of impressive presets that can be customized to suit individual preferences.

Many beautiful websites have a lot of colors, it would be better if we could automatically generate dark colors for every color. Additionally, if we convert all colors to dark colors, the website’s branding colors will disappear, which is crucial for maintaining the website’s identity in the dark mode.
As a result, we implemented an innovative feature called ‘Dynamic Dark Mode.’ This functionality automatically generates amazing dark mode colors for all colors present on any given website and also preserves the branding colors.

In my opinion, this is already the best dark mode plugin for WordPress and we are continuously improving it.

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