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WordPress Malware Removal and Website Security

Welcome to WordPress Malware Removal and WordPress Website Security Service.

Your WordPress site may be hacked in any way. So it is essential to remove infected files, remove the blacklist as soon as possible & make it work as before the hack. I provide the WordPress virus removal service and ensure your site is safe for the future. So you don’t need to worry about the security of your site. I can guarantee the maximum protection of your site.

  • Fix hacked WordPress websites and ensure security
  • Detailed Scan of all Files and remove all Malware or malicious codes from the site
  • Vulnerability testing
  • Remove from Google's ( or any other service ) blacklist
  • Software ( WordPress, PHP, Plugins ) upgrade
  • Fix redirecting pages to unwanted sites
  • Remove malware notification from Chrome or Firefox ( Red screen )
  • Remove "This site may be hacked" message from Google search
  • Remove backdoor, phishing scripts
  • SSL installation (If you have an SSL license)
  • Provide additional professional security work/tricks;
  • Remove anything else defined as virus/malware/hacking
  • Fix the website errors / add Firewall & make it work as before hack.

  • I will fix your website in less than 24 hours.
  • Guarantee and Proof of Clean Website
  • .Htaccess Hardening for all sensitive Folders
  • Professional Cleanup - Removal / FIX of all infected files
  • Fix the issues caused by Malware
  • Security Backup.
  • Already cleaned hundreds of websites.
  • 3+ years of experience!
  • Strong development Skills
  • In-depth WordPress knowledge
  • SQL / PHP knowledge
  • I know how to fix things
  • Quality of work Guaranteed!
  • WordPress Security patch robust Setup that will make you sure it will never happen again;

  • Brute force attack prevention (secure user login and registration)
  • Database security
  • Website files security
  • User Accounts Security
  • File System Security
  • Security Firewall Strong Setup + WAF
  • Comment SPAM Security
Frequently asked questions :

Absolutely yes. Hire me, and rest assured that your website will work the same as before it got hacked. Please note, in some cases, I might need the original theme files from you. Also, keep in mind that issues that were caused by Malware ONLY are fixed.

If you did install a nulled theme/ plugin and your website was compromised, please report this during your order. Nulled files must be deleted since they contain for sure backdoors that did make this infection possible. Never install nulled themes or plugins; buy them, and developers deserve it.

ATTENTION!: For Multiple Websites web hosting accounts, the guarantee is valid only if all websites are verified (scanned for Malware) and secured. Cross-domain infection is likely to happen if at least one website was left unsecured / infected with Malware. So make sure to clean or delete them.

The Firewall does reduce the risk of getting reinfected but doesn't give you 100% security. Many factors can compromise your website's security, like outdated Plugins / outdated WordPress / outdated PHP version of the hosting / leaked password / weak passwords, etc.

Security patching installations is a set of Measures taken manually by adding restrictive rules to ensure minimum risks of getting infected by known malware viruses, reducing permissions, and adding restrictive permissions to vulnerable files/folders and zones of the website.

I need domain name and control panel ( cPanel ) or FTP or hosting login information to access the files. Cpanel helps faster work. It is appreciated if you can inform me what problem you found.

Yes, please contact me.

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